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Ascend Functional Wellness

Ascend Functional Wellness

Clean, powerful, and inspiring. These clients desired a logo that matched their approach to health and life.

Our clients knew they wanted to incorporate a mountain in their logo, which illustrates their company and life motto of "better each day". The lines and mutiple "paths" up the mountain represent progress on a journey and reinforces the fact that there isn't only one path to wellness. The classic black and white color palette and sans-serif fonts create a contemporary and eye-catching feel. The complimentary color choices are endless and can be changed based on the logo application or current vibe of their business.

As a new company, our clients knew they needed a logo that would work for the launch of their website as well as business cards. We provided logo variations tailored to these needs as well as social media and merchandise.

Clarity Design Co: where processes are clear, expectations are managed and met, and beautiful, functional designs are the result.

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