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Cosmetic Injector Academy

Cosmetic Injector Academy

A vibe. This client wanted to go for a moody feel with cool and slightly retro details.

As a pioneer in the beauty injectable industry, our client desired a website that felt innovative and new. Our designers worked closely with the client to ensure the site felt and sounded true to her personality and vision for her new business. In addition, the site needed to function as an education, recruiting, and booking tool so we focused on clean, easy navigation in order to inspire quick action by site visitors.

"Working with the Clarity Design Team is like working with a group of your best friends who are all on board with the vision and dream you have for your company. They provide top notch design services to help you create the look and feel that best suits you and your brand."
- Misty O., Founder & Brand Ambassador, Cosmetic Injector Academy

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