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Orchard Consulting Group Logo

Orchard Consulting Group Logo

Created to be flexible and versatile, this logo is used and modified by several members within a family of companies.

Our clients used one word to describe their desired logo: modern. Bearing in mind that this client desired to used their logo on everything from websites to shirts, our graphic designer created lines that can easily translate to any application including screen printing and embroidery. We chose the color green because green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security.

"I highly recommend the team at Clarity Design Co. They have become a true partner with Orchard Consulting - they were able to take my dreams and goals, capture them in design, and then present them in all my media platforms. I have recommended them to my clients and network and will continue to do so!"
- Larry B., Owner, Orchard Consulting Group

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