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The Pawerful Rescue Logo

The Pawerful Rescue Logo

So much love in one logo! Playful, joyful, and hopeful are just a few emotions our clients wanted to evoke with their colorful logo.

Inspired by Texas, this color palette of orange and aqua demands attention and elicits responses like warmth, excitement, and hopefulness which are all key to the mission of this non-profit client. Not only did this client want a logo that would appeal to families ready to adopt a pet, they needed to also catch the eye of donors, volunteers, and community leaders. Full of energy, this logo is a perfect representation of a huge-hearted organization.

The applications this client envisioned for their logo came to life in printing t-shirts, hats, signs, and other apparel. With a color palette this fun, who wouldn't want to use it everywhere possible?

Clarity Design Co: where processes are clear, expectations are managed and met, and beautiful, functional designs are the result.

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